Thank you to all the photographers I had the pleasure to work with! I am really grateful to them for their craft, beautiful vision and making me look good. THANK YOU GUYS!

Here are the links to their online presence:
Marieke Macklon
Kristjan Czako, Visual Impact:
Rodney Beckford:
Suzy Stöckl:

Family and personal connections:

My mum’s witty, sarcastic blog about life on the bike, breaking the rules and life as a feminist past 50: by Karin Kuna

Lauren Hutton‘s Blog about the Triple E, as she likes to call it, the Embodied Enlightenment Experience. Highly recommended if you are allowing your self realization and want to understand what the heck is happening with you.

Actors, Writers, filmmakers, artists:

My dear friend and fellow actress Christina Jägersberger :

Soul Food Films:
On of my favourite projects, the short film Masters Voice, was shot by Jonathan Kray, founder of Soul Food Films. He has such a beautiful eye for bringing very subtle feelings and sensations into gorgeous pictures on film.
He is currently developing a documentary that explores what happens when one wakes up from a limited reality and chooses to embark on the deeply personal journey of self-discovery, realization and sovereignty.
Details can be found here:

Kim Seppälä, Finnish-German actress, writer and soulful psychologist:

Slovenian actress, writer, poet, performer and amazing soul Romana Ercegovic: